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The Laridae staff:
Stefan Aigner (idea, signings, covers)
Herwig Holzmann (idea, mediaconverting, covers)
Bernhard Hansbauer (mediaconverting, programming)

Stefan Aigner (move over names to change image)

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our story so far
we decided to make something on our own. so in 2004 we founded a netlabel, laridae (named after a track by photophob). and so, here we are.

all free. all CC.


your demo
we are always looking for demos by new artists, but please consider our small demo policy, to make the whole procedure easier for us:

best case: short demo-e-mail, with basic information and the link to a zip-file containing a whole release (including all the mp3s [192kbps], cover suggestions, info texts etc.)

worst case: short demo-e-mail, with basic information and simply the links to 3-5 mp3s (192kbps) you are really proud of.
Send us your track

note: we will not find the time to look through: a) links to artist-pages, containg mp3s somewhere b) mp3s directly sent via e-mail c) a complete discography with about 10 release and 123 tracks d) demos send via myspace. sorry for the restrictions, but we do this in our spare time, which is short enough. and please no more minimal techno stuff.

Say hellooo. Somebody of the team will answer.


Press kit